music curated and hosted by beena david

Hello, I'm Beena - the artistic director, booking agent, resident alto, and composer/arranger.

It's a *JOY* to be connected to a community of the nicest and most talented singers in Chicago. We sing together in all sorts of groups - big symphonic choruses, professional church choirs, men's and women's professional a cappella groups, and of course - in my group, The Second Fire. Most of us are accomplished soloists, too!

But rather than rattling off a resume or posting a bio, I just want you to know that transparency and kindness are the  things I value when choosing singers or creating a program. Our concerts have unscripted blurbs (blabbered by me) between each song to make it a community experience and to eliminate any imaginary barriers between the stage, audience, and humanity (in general).

We'd love for you to come be a part of it!

(By the way, when the page about my own personal artistic pursuits is ready, you can click HERE to learn more.)